Our BioSkills Lab

Optimal Environments for Medical Education 

Our BioSkills Lab in Arizona has been specifically designed to balance the importance of education, community, and entertainment. Including up to three separate environments that can be utilized individually or as a whole. Our guests have come to expect much more than just a place to learn, but a place to experience leisure and learning at its best.

Phoenix, Arizona

Lab Details

  • 4,080 Square Foot Medical Education Facility
  • Exclusive Featured Speaker Demonstration Station for Large Interactive Hands-On Learning Sessions Surrounded by 4K Monitors with Projection Capabilities to Classroom Monitors.
  • State of the Art Lab Stations¬†Fully Equipped with PPE, General Dissection Instrumentation, Power, Suction and Electrocautery Consoles
  • On-Site Lab Director and OR Techs for Setup and Assistance
  • High Temperature Commercial Grade Washer with 2 Minute Cycle to Turn Your Instrumentation Over Fast
  • Anatomic Cadaver Specimens Ordering, Handling, Positioning and Disposition
  • Mini C-Arm with HD Touchscreen Monitor Featuring Touch Rotation and Zoom
  • 7 Arthroscopic Stations or 9 Open Stations
  • 4K cameras in lab and conference room
  • Ability to bring the lab to production films for medical education distribution.
  • Easy To Use Interface and USB / DVD Export
  • Common Area Lounge Adjacent to Large Classroom with HD Monitors throughout Facility.

Virtual Tour

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